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Secret of Solitude
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A route to excellence Cheap Authentic Darryl Tapp Pink Jerse

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Good buy, the quality is excellent for the price.
gardening work easier in the Spring!
Abalena LouAnn Sullivan
Haven't read it yet. Couldn't pry it from my husband's hands! He has not stopped raving about the book, saying it was so obviously well written and from the heart. He has not stopped railing about MacArthur and the unnecessary deaths caused by his monstrous ego.
It is high time I picked up the book.
Mohamed Gobara
I have five of them. Great price, and a quality case.
Jason Bugallon
It's not a super thin and flimsy material, which is what I'm seeing more and more of these days. It's about the same thickness as a thicker pair of pajamas.
It's not soft on the inside, so if you are particular about materials and need a "supima" type feel, avoid. But for a simpleton like me, works great and was a good price at about $9.
Rockn Groschi
I bought this for my classroom. I actually bought 2 to go with a singing machine that I use when my students give oral reports/speeches. They work great.
Margarete Craig

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