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Navy seals work with regular marines! How can they be better

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Anmeldedatum: 15.04.2020
Beiträge: 10

BeitragVerfasst am: 11.05.2020, 09:26    Titel: Navy seals work with regular marines! How can they be better Antworten mit Zitat

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Navy seals work with regular marines! How can they be better the force that has to pass every military school for every force!!! they go through navy seal, green beret, air borne ranger, and air force special tactics!!! the reason less navy make it is because they're not as well trained in boot camp, i have 2 cousins Michael Kors Stock in the air force, 1 in the army training to be green beret, Michael Kors Net Worth and a retired navy cousin but my uncle in Michael Kors Crossbody the marines which is better physicly and mentally trained then all 4 and all agree the marines are the most elite which force recon are classified operationist anyway, semper fi! A: Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Wallet where does the guy who listed the drop out rates get his percentages, the seals can be enlisted sailors straight outta the navys so called boot camp when marines marsoc have to have a first enlistment over with hence a four year active four year reserve total eight year enlistment before a socom combined marsoc and airborne, buds training do the math semper fidelis A: Navy SEALs, because Force RECON has been disbanded. It's called MARSOC now. But seriously, I'd have to say SEALs.

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