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It is a good gift discount nfl hoodies at competitive prices

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xi men

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Wohnort: Apple Valley Drive.Howard City.Ohio,USA

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PeggySue Collins
They're ok. For the price they're fine. I just have these to wear around the house or take the dogs out for a quick walk in the morning. I had some FOTL shorts that I bought at WM a few years ago. I had men's xl cuz I like them loose. But after dropping a bunch of weight I couldn't keep them up anymore! WMs near me in FL didn't carry the FOTL anymore and I couldn't find them anywhere, including online. So I got these Hanes instead. The medium is a little snug. The medium FOTL ones that I did find at the WM near my up north home fit great. Also, these are on a bit thin. They're fine for what I use them for, but I'd size up at least one size cuz they did shrink a bit. Women's jersey shorts never have pockets (or any shorts for that matter), but men's always do so I get them. I wish I could find the FOTL ones still. But for the price and purpose these will be fine.
Sherriann LaTorre
Good value. Using in quart ziplock comfort bags for homeless with socks and survival blankets. Soft and flexible enough to wear for warmth and still provide protection from day labor.
Matheus Cruz de Souza
I'm a new fan. I'm going to buy more of this brand. Very comfortable and looks great.
Αλεξ Κορδαλή
Cannot wait to give this to my granddaughter for her 4th birthday in November. Good for the money. Totally made of plastic which is a little cheap looking but for a 4 year old it works fine. I did buy two better mikes from Amazon from the same company & they work much better than the original mike

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